• What is Voipflix ?

    Voipflix is a Global Telecommunication Company with local reach.  Voipflix provides you with high quality international phone service using the internet and local access numbers (in participating countries). We leverage the best of breed in technology to bring you crystal clear voice  at cheapest possible rates. Call Loved ones anywhere at affordable rates !


    You can make Cheap International Calls using :

    • Voipflix Dialer Applications (Available for PC, Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Symbian Phones)
    • Web Browser
    • Local Access Number 
  • How much does it cost ?

  • Do I need to change my network provider ?

    No, Voipflix loves your operator and works with all network providers.

  • Why am I asked for a PIN when I make a Local Numbers call?

    There are two reasons that this might happen

    • You have called from a number that’s not registered with us. To register a new number, login into Voipflix Portal and enter your number under ‘Authorized Caller ID’ option from the menu. The number must be registered in the international number format i.e. Country Code + Telephone Number. For example a UK number (07880765500) must be registered as 447880765500.
    • Your Caller ID is hidden. This means we can’t identify your phone and will ask for your account number and PIN. Your Caller ID is the number that displays when you call someone. If you enable your caller ID we should be able to identify your phone and we won’t need to ask for your PIN.

    To find details of your PIN and account number please click here.

  • Can I send Cheap International SMS through Voipflix ?

    Yes, you can send Cheap International SMS to over 200 countries using Voipflix Applications (iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and PC Dialer Apps) at our Cheap International SMS rates.