Voipflix Reseller Program

  • The Voipflix Reseller Program enables you to benefit from state of the art Voipflix infrastructure (including the mobile diallers for iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and PC Software) to sell  super low cost international calling solutions straight to your customers from your own dedicated reseller URL/link. All registrations & payments coming from your reseller URL/link generate income directly to you.
  • As a Voipflix reseller, you are provided with a management tool to monitor your daily stats as well as sell Voipflix services/products to customers without access to online payment.


Voipflix Reseller Benefits

  • Multi Platform Support
  • No start up cost – No risk
  • PC/Browser based (flash) calls and IM solution
  • Tap into the explosive growth and get a share of the Mobile VoIP market
  • Earn revenue on every user registration and all future spending
  • Generate additional revenue on your existing customer base
  • Transparent accounting – monitor your daily stats on visits, registrations and commission
  • Create value for your customers
  • Enable them to save up to 98% on international calls and sms
  • Free WiFi calling to other your-Mobile users on WiFi (and other Voipflix users)
  • Integration with 3rd party services like MSN, Yahoo. Gtalk, AIM, Twitter, Facebook and (including voice)
  • Voipflix works on more than 900 different mobile phones and platforms – Apple iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and not to forget the PC Software
  • Provides VoIP tunnel technology allowing the dialers to work in locations blocking VoIP.
  • Add complementary voice solution to your existing portfolio
  • Focus on sales and leave everything else to us


  • Voipflix Reseller Program is currently available worldwide.

Market Trends and Drivers for Mobile VoIP

  •  Increasing penetration of smart phones and of the related mobile Internet usage
  • Increasing mobile data speed, often with flat-rate subscription
  • Frequent usage of voice over IP applications, moving from wireline to mobile Internet
  • Social networks changing user behavior, where Instant Messaging used to be the “standard” for person to person interaction between connected users, users are now moving to more “serious” voice or video calls (often over IP)

Get Started

Please contact, Z Asif – Director Strategy and Partnerships:  Reseller@voipflix.com, if you are interested in Voipflix
Reseller Program

  • Once approved you will receive login and user guide for our management tool
  • Start selling and monitor your daily stats, including commission payments